Ship & Vessels Repair

Intermarine started nearly 40 years ago as a purely ship repair workshop by very experienced people. It is safe to say that ship repairs are in our bloodline and we are proud to be part of the shipping history


We offer mechanical engineering services for all Vessels, which include the following:

  • Main Engine overhauls (2 and 4-stroke)
  • Diesel Generator overhauls
  • Reduction gear overhauls
  • Various heat exchangers repairs
  • Alignment services including re chocking
  • Pump overhaul and repairs
  • Cargo pump overhaul and repairs
  • Compressor overhaul and repairs
  • Sea valves inspection and repairs
  • PV valves repairs
  • Windlass and mooring winch inspection, overhaul and repairs
  • New engine installations
  • Other engineering aspects

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Intermarine was established in 1984 in order to offer services in the field of main and auxiliary engine and machinery repairs, mechanical installations and spare parts manufacturing. The company’s technical personnel were chosen based on their experience in the fields of maintenance and manufacturing.

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